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Whats the news on iPhones

The i-Phone x is a giant leap forward by Apple: the iPhone has always been good, but these days its more likely to be amazing when people talk about the key functions the Apple phones now have, the original iPhone way back in 2007.. a long time ago, is not a scratch on the current iPhone X or iPhone 10.

Apple say, we are the future of the smart-phone, but are they, they say its sorting they have been trying to hit perfection for 10 yrs!

  • The iPhone x was released on November 4th, since then its been moving forwards quickly, x phone funky accessories and protective cases have been out and ready to BUY from day 1, its promotion has been one of the most expensive on the Global Market, and yes it comes in 64″GB and 256GB Options!

An so the amazing iPhone X is only a few months old, but already the people are saying that its possibly only a short time before a h-y bird x phone pops up: could be that its a slightly small x iPhone, the Diddy X phone, but with same functions, or it could be that its a full on same size with less functions – these would then become eager to manage, so a full set could then be for the very ted minded!?

As you may see the x iPhone has amazing looking colours, these are then eye candy for the buyer, but have you seen the protective covers? these need to be funky looking as well..



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