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The google pixel “2”

“Get Ready” The google pixel “2” release date coming!

Google Pixel 2 Mobile Phone! what is it?

SO, the  Pixel 2 is  Google’s very second effort at creating an Android type version of the Apple iPhone.

BUT , instead of focusing totally on top/end specifications, and including every feature imaginable under the sun, it aims to offer the user the smoothest and smartest android experience possible out, Is the New Pixel 2 mobile phone set to rocket to fame?

The Google Pixel 2 feels so very different to any other mobile phone, the phone its self feels very unique, which is nice , as many of the modern features are similar in all phones..

It is put together from aluminium, with the back of the phone a stoney-like finish and feel. It’s very firm and feels and textured.

Feels strange at first, ultimately, a very nice feel to the phone. Firm and easy to grip in the hand with a  shiny aluminium, so summary is that the Pixel 2 could well be a top phone in the making, lets see!

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