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The ALL New X Phone

The New Amazing X iPhone

Is the all new x iPhone the future of the mobile smart phone?? yes it is and thats according to the head of Apple “CEO” Timothy Cook, the announcement of the swanky new phone know as the iPhone 8 was over shadowed by the iPhone 10x, it really did steal the show..and its an out of this world amazing upgrade..its the one we have been waiting for..and yes even if it costs a small fortune!!

Its the iPhone X or they are calling it the iPhone 10″ which is how it show be pronounced .. its the first drastic new design seen on an iPhone since the iPhone 6 ..a phone which was in fact released way back in 2015.. and yes it comes with an amazing host of new fantastic out of this world features of which we have never seen before from Apple..

Really, is the X Phone the future of the SMART-PHONE , we will see what Samsung say about that, but its certain it will be shaping the mobile phone future for the next year or so….

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