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Make your phone’s battery last longer!

How can i get my mobile phones Battery to last longer!??

Are you charging your phone every single night? that may be a little too much.

Here are some simple tips , and tricks you can use to make your phone’s battery last much much longer.

It’s tough to go much longer than a 24 hours without charging your  mobile phone . AND better battery technology simply hasn’t arrived yet!!!,

You are never going to get a full week’s use out of a mobile phone because of those great big,  really bright screens along with that Bluetooth, GPS and 3G stuff going on:

However….. by following this advice and making a few changes to your phone’s settings you should be able to extend its battery life by a good chunk longer!

“We suggest here is to use your phone less. Our aim is to show you how to reduce your handset’s power consumption without making it unusable”

Boost battery life a few easy steps

1 . Totally dim the screens brightness

We all love the smartphone’s large, colourful display, but it’s the battery’s mortal enemy”!. More than any other component of your mobile phone, the display consumes battery life at a devastating pace. Well most phones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels!! wow.

 2.   Keep the screen timeout  really short

Under your phone’s settings menu, you will find an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’ or something similar, an iPhone, look for the Auto+Lock in the General settings menu. This setting controls how long your mobile phone’s screen stays lit after receiving input.

Every second counts here, so set your timeout to the shortest available time. On most “Android” mobile phones the minimum is about 20 seconds. If your screen timeout is currently set to 2 minutes, simply consider reducing that total figure to 30-40 seconds or less.

3. Turn off Bluetooth!! Quick

So, no matter now much you love using Bluetooth with your hands-free headset,in the car or your wireless speaker or activity tracker, the extra radio is constantly listening for signals from the outside world. When you aren’t in your car, or when you aren’t playing music wirelessly, switch off the Bluetooth radio quick!. This way, you can add an hour or too your phone’s battery life, along the way:

4. Don’t leave your apps running in the background!

The ability to run more than one app at a time = is a really powerful mobile phone feature.

It can also burn a lots of energy, because every app you run uses a a bit of your phone’s processor cycles running together {but this isn’t true of all apps } !

Some of apps themselves are particularly heavy going on battery life:+

So for example, “”FACEBOOK has confirmed it is investigating reports that its iOS app could be to blame for significant battery drain!! Really!

A drain can be a night mere and it could be THE iOS app!

So.. try to kill off your apps!! a little..

5.Turn off  all those non* essential notifications!

It seems as though almost every app now on the internet in search of updates, news, up[dates and messages..When it finds something, the app may do a little chime, light up your screen and display a fancy message, make your flashy LED blink, or do all of the above, at the same time: All of these things consume energy, and loads of it:

Probably you don’t want to turn off notifications about new text messages or missed  mobile calls, but turning off the superfluous notifications will help your battery last a little, or even a lot  longer!


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