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S9 and S9 Plus launch date 25th Feb 2018

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 launch is due on February 25th and is expected to be the biggest release of 2018 after  Apple's iPhone X.

There's no question that this is the perfect sequel to last year's Samsung Galaxy S8, with the invite clearly teasing the number nine, and we already have an idea of ​​what this smartphone looks like.

The thing is, the S9 is not looking like it has any big changes to redefine the size. All the rumors, leaks and speculation to date point towards iterative update. For those hoping for a new game-changing device in the Galaxy portfolio, you may have to wait until 2019.
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Google Pixel 2 | The 2017 Model

Google Pixel 2 – Super protective phone case:

Do you own a Google Pixel mobile phone? a Google Pixel 2 ? if you do you may consider a ultra clear case, a super gel slick protective case, mobile phone cases are very important, if you drop your phone or its knocked around this very protective phone case for the google pix 2 is a definite best bet: the cost is very low, and you should only need to buy one in your phones life:

A little more about the Goole Pixel Phone:

The Google Pix 2 has a super built>in security module, which will blow your mind!
What is a google pix module !?
Its basically a security chip to totally reinforce your lock on you phone screen against malware and nasty hardware attacks, that may occur ..
The Pixel 2 has super “Security Updates” for up to and amazing 3 yrs long!
You can be the be the very  first to receive android security updates!.


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Amazing iPhone X carbon case

Buy Now| iPhone x CARBON

A great looking carbon phone case in the form of the Carbon X iPhone case, these are black and totally amazing looking, the phone case is tough, and durable, and will slot into position when you add your iPhone , these carbon iPhone cases are perfect for showing off your phone and looking slick , but if you drop your iPhone the carbon x case will defiantly protect your phone! these are super tough carbonate plastic , the button support is there for you to gain good access to the controls like the volume , the dimmer, the on off, and charger set up:

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Deals Samsung Phone Charger

Samsung Phone Chargers

:Looking for DEALS Note 5 S7 S6 Edge7 S8!?

The Samsung phone charger is a great bit of kit for your samsung phone, its perfect for charging your phone up with juice, filling your samsung phone up with power is important, a samsung note 5 – or s7 demands a lot of power if you don’t charge them up your in trouble: have you seen the latest deals we have?


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iPhone X Cables

iPhone X Cables | Chargers

How about a mobile phone charger for christmas, or an amazing GOLD iPhone x cable, for connecting your iPhone to any where, power points, are you in need of a mobile phone charger? A mobile phone charger is a highly important bit of kit for filling your phone or android device with juice, or power without that power your phone is simply dead: ,mobile phone charges have been around for some time, the same length of time mobile phones have been around, its important to note that mobile phones had before been very large, with additional power packs, these where like house bricks, and now they are super small!


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Whats the news on iPhones

The i-Phone x is a giant leap forward by Apple: the iPhone has always been good, but these days its more likely to be amazing when people talk about the key functions the Apple phones now have, the original iPhone way back in 2007.. a long time ago, is not a scratch on the current iPhone X or iPhone 10.

Apple say, we are the future of the smart-phone, but are they, they say its sorting they have been trying to hit perfection for 10 yrs!

  • The iPhone x was released on November 4th, since then its been moving forwards quickly, x phone funky accessories and protective cases have been out and ready to BUY from day 1, its promotion has been one of the most expensive on the Global Market, and yes it comes in 64″GB and 256GB Options!

An so the amazing iPhone X is only a few months old, but already the people are saying that its possibly only a short time before a h-y bird x phone pops up: could be that its a slightly small x iPhone, the Diddy X phone, but with same functions, or it could be that its a full on same size with less functions – these would then become eager to manage, so a full set could then be for the very ted minded!?

As you may see the x iPhone has amazing looking colours, these are then eye candy for the buyer, but have you seen the protective covers? these need to be funky looking as well..



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A New Phone Case for Christmas

Christmas Phone Protector Case Deals

Looking for a phone case deal, deals and special prices for christmas presents? if so then we can help, our prices are permanently fixed low so you always get the best deals, these are then amazingly good value, mobile phone cases are important, they allow you to protect your mobile pr android device.


Many mobile phone cases come in shining stunning phone cases, these can be a stand out item if your out in public places, they are then amazing looking and often come in simple material such as gel, plastic, or simple construction like part steal or gel, or plastic phone cases:

Some protective mobile phone cases are nice looking with a green, red, gold, blue , white colour, these mobile phone cases are ver popular , these suit the iPhone , several types of iPhone are available, the new iPhone X is the latest creation to hit the streets, its perfect for a christmas deal bargain, if you can find one, the colours on the new iPhone X are very nice , its advisable you buy a clear screen protector 

A basic clear screen protector will defiantly help protect your phone, many people drop phones, the main causes of damage come from dropping mobile phones, they then smash on floors, tables and other hard surfaces, so protecting the screen will defiantly help, the main reason we drop our mobile phones are due to the fact that we tend to take our phones every where with us, often shopping, playing sport or participating in sport, on holiday, biking , but even just at home phones can smash on the floor!

At this time of year mobile phone cases are a great christmas gift, they are super nice to have as gifts, hang a mobile phone case from the christmas tree, or wrap up as a gift, the sparkle of a new mobile case is perfect for christmas..

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Smashed Iphone X

Plenty of good reason” s to NOT Drop your X phone!

GET an X Phone Case Protector

So, it s the “Apple’s” standard limited warranty covering manufacturing defects and slight chance its faultily … you should be ok for a replacement:, However…. it really doesn’t cover accidental disaster damage 😞 so even if you drop your iPhone X, you’re still going to be nearly £250 Quid out of pocket!

The price hike It self makes sense + the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever to buy or manufacture , to date. But if you have a cynical mindset, you might think that Apple are pushing more people to pick up their Apple| Care+ service| and mobile phone cases.

A NEW iPhone X Phone Case:

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A Black Friday DEAL

A black friday deal at maxi pro | Mobile Phone Cases

Black friday? is it a deal , a good deal or not is there a top phone deal to be had! or not? currently lots of black friday phone deals going..

What about an Phone X Case, iPhone 10 case cash & 9 card slots leather wallet, and amazing deal, here at maxi pro…OR … THE the “Phone X Case, iPhone 10 case high:” quality 4 pocket leather flip case!Amazing phone deals, these are cracking deals to be found: Phone X Case, Bargin X Phone Case, amazing phone cases: Black Friday Deals::


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Phone Convert | .com

*******Latest News*********** Phone

Have you had any thoughts about getting your hands on a mobile phone? What about The Phone a cracking website where getting your hands on your chosen mobile phone could never be easier,but the main focus for phone convert is to simply convert your old phone into cash!! hows it work!? and once you achieve your new phone or trade in what about a mobile phone case?

It works like this..

All you do is simply search, and find your mobile phone, or device to see how much it’s really worth.Then choose one of the great payment methods on offer…..

Next you choose to receive a Totally FREE sales pack or you can print your own label and then simply post it to them!

Then the next step once we they have received your mobile device, they check your order and if all is correct you TOTALY GET PAID!!!

So what are mobile phone customers saying about phone convert ..?

See some reviews HERE