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Mobile Phone Chargers

Portable Mobile Phone Chargers

Mobile phone chargers that are totally portable give your phone that extra bit of juice to see you through the next few hours of a day. So, just how many times over a pack can recharge your device depends on its  charger capacity, and the capacity of the device itself in general. This will be measured in total  milliampere hours OR (mAh). An iPhone 8, for example, has a battery capacity of about 1,960mAh, but while the Samsung Galaxy S7 packs a 3,000m battery.

Much larger mobile devices, have much larger batteries |  the 12.9in iPad Pro’s battery is 10,307mAh to be exact.

So, to work out how many times your phone charger will recharge the device, divide the charger’s mAh rating by that of the chosen mobile phone device. +, a 10,000mAh charger will fully revive your iPhone 8 about three and a half times, and so this considering no charger is fully efficient.

Be totally certain that your device will get at least one full charge from the charger, make sure the phone’s capacity is no more than 70 per cent of the charger’s capacity, a major factor to consider!

Chargers for mobile phones to Best Buy

The new out iPhone wireless QI charger – pad ++ receiver 5- 5 for 6 and 8 iPad is a really good buy.

Its a sleek looking charger and very easy to instal, the fact that its totally portable is a must, take it any where and at just 2.99 its an iPhone bargain, Buy One today!


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