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iPhone 8 Performance | Rating

iPhone 8 Performance | 8 performance any good?

The amazing soft wear  Bionic running the iPhone 8 is Apple’s most impressive processor yet to date, its totally amazing. It has had a huge  impact on everything that happens inside the amazing iPhone, from the way iOS 11 processor handles its..AR apps,  up to how it offsets the smaller battery size..

Together the iPhone 8″ and 8″ Plus mobile run the same way, with A11 Bionic chips, and so does the upcoming iPhone X, which out now is rather mind blowing, but will set you back a few quid!. The difference is in the RAM offering it has: the iPhone “8 has only 2GB of RAM and the Plus has 3GB of RAM … we don’t yet know how much the iPhone X mobile will include, although I’d take a guess at 3GB soft wear…

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